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Hotel Margarita Beach
Corfu Moraitika

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Corfu (or Kerkyra) is one of the most favourite destinations in Greece and the Greek Islands and attracts many tourists. It is a beautiful island, part of the Ionian Islands and has a lot of verdant vegetation, amazing beaches, superb venetian architecture, picturesque villages, lively nightlife and a great cosmopolitan way of life.


Sightseeing in Corfu

The Old Fortress

The New Fortress

The Achillion Palace


Splianada Square and Liston

The Church of St. Spyridon

The Sea Shell Museum

Museum of anciant art


Corfu Town

The main town of Corfu is one of
the most interesting cities in
Greece due to the large influence of the Venetians, French and British who for centuries controlled the island. The influences are given the old town a character very different from the other cities of Greece. From the time of the ancient Greek and Roman times, remains of buildings can be seen in archaeological sites, and also a remarkable museum. Corfu population is about 30,000 of whom 7,000 live in the old city which is protected between the two forts. Since 2008 Corfu is under the auspices of UNESCO


Corfu is a beautiful Ionian island with great history and pleasant people. Tradition is very important element of the culture of Corfu. Naturally the island and traditions influenced by Greek, Venetian, French and English culture, making them unique customs of Corfu.
It has some of the most beautiful beaches in the Ionian Sea. He has sandy, pebbly and rocky beaches with crystal waters, which is always cool and refreshing. The beaches of Corfu have sunbeds, umbrellas and water sports facilities and ranked among the best in the Ionian Sea, ideal for swimming, sunbathing and fun.
The island has a mild, rather humid, climate, its coastline is more than 200 kilometers and its extent is some 580 square kilometers. Corfu has numerous beaches, all of them very nice. The road network is quite dense, so, you can reach almost every place, with the help of your map and the advise of the locals. Don’t hesitate to ask them; possibly, they will show you something worth visiting.

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